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Date: 05 August 2007

Comments: ref: 91 fxrt cam,lifters,oil pump replacement


Pleased to announce we made it back to Ohio with no further engine problems.

Thanks again for your help!
Jerry @ Cathy Bergmeyer

Date: 06 July 2007


Hey guys.

Just wanted to say thank you again for getting me back on the road. I was in Ely a few weeks ago with a 91 Kawasaki Vulcan that had carb problems... Ray eventually determined that pulling the vent tube leading from the petcock down to the carb would allow the bike to start. Anyway... I made it the whole way back to Boston. Much appreciated.

Boston, MA

Date: 09 January 2007


I like your site very much indeed.

Date: 10 December 2006


First time looking at your web page. Good job you guys. You sure have some nice looking paint jobs on your site. Ha Ha!


Mike Love
Custom Paint Specialties

Date: 19 November 2006


Corky Pelton is so HOT he should be your male model for all your bikes.
He makes your bikes look good.

Date: 15 November 2006


Ray and Kelly,

Hope to see you this coming (2007) Summer. I will call with dates.

Date: 14 September 2006


Why Don't You Have A Picture Of That Hot Rider Corky Pelton On One Of Your Bikes?

Date: 13 July 2006


Hey Fish,

It was nice to talk with you last week. I really liked the custom scoots. Pretty awesome! It is great to see you be successful and use your talents. I will be in Ely, again, soon. I will stop by and see what is new. The shirts and hat are great. Stay safe, two wheels up and vertical.

Take care,
John Paras - Class of '69 WPHS

Date: 10 July 2006


Hi I'm Dennis Trimble from Kingsburg, Ca.

On Memorial Day of 2005 (before or after) a friend and I were coming from Kanas wehen hwe found a band tire on the rear of his Yamaha Venture (I was riding a Royal Star Deluxe) - was coming apart. We rode about 100 mi to get to Ely hoping (and praying) there would be a Bike Shop there.

We found your shop and you happened to have 1 only of the right size only. You were kind enough to stop what you were doing and mount and balance the tire.

We have told everyone we ride with to be sure and stop at your place when they were in the that area. Sorry this was so late coming.

Thanks for your help, and we still wear your hats proudly.


Date: 07 July 2006


Dinner together on the 5th of August?


Date: 24 June 2006


Why weren't you at the Elko Bike Rally?
We were looking for you this year.

Sorry you weren't there; we missed you.

Jerry Lee Peters

Date: 16 June 2006


Hi Folks

I am Ed. I was with Kelly Welsh and Denny Beirbaum when you helped them out and performed the repairs and maintainance on their bikes. I wish to thank you and your staff. You enabled us to get back on the road and home safely to Springfield Illinois. I encourage anyone who reads this to stop in your shop to meet a real gentleman and builder, and also the rest of the staff.

All the best!
ED, Kelley, and Denny

PS: did 5520 miles total

Date: 11 June 2006



Tomcat and I need a reason to close our shop in Vegas so we can attend the Elko Jamoboree June 17. Can you help us? Your website caught my attention and I want to see the shop in person. C'mon, find a way for me to convince my man to ride your way.

Need tires? I'll bring you some...

Eager for Ely and Elko,
your newest fan,
Susan (Action Tires in Henderson)

Date: 11 May 2006


thanx kelly and raymond for getting this dirtbike for me and helping me race and all the supplies!

thanks alot
love jeremy

Date: 09 May 2006


Hello from the other side of the world!

Ray and Kelly;
Just wanted to say "Hello!" I did not make it out again before we took off for the "Desert". But, I do have time to check out your website while I'm here.

It was great to see you guys this spring. As usual, your friendly smiles welcomed me into town after another long rough day. The first bike trip on the list when I get back is to your place!

Scottie Baker,
Tallil, Iraq

Date: 02 May 2006


Raymond and Kelly

Looking forward to taking a ride to Ely in August ... we'll see you then!!!

Jack P. and Crystal B.

Date: 13 Apr 2006


Congratulations guys! Just wanted to drop ya'll a line. Sorry I didn't make it out there for the big day. I also wanted to say thank you for the hospitality you showed to me during my stay. We may have met as strangers, but we parted as close friends. Can't wait to see you guys, hope to visit again soon! see ya soon, Bill

Date: 23 Mar 2006


Hi Attitude C.C., I finally had time to visit your web-site and I must say I am impressed. Jered and I should have had our own web-site by now...gosh darn it. Please tell him I send my love and support. Maybe someday Jered... we would make a good team!!! Much Love and Respect,

Dena Hooper
Build-1 Inc.
4752 Stirling Street
Granite Bay, CA 95746

Hopefully someday we'll be...
Build-1 Custom Cycles & Four Wheels Drives

Date: 22 Mar 2006


Hi Jarid love! Cher and Shan

Date: 9 Mar 2006


Raymond and Kelly, great to see that things are going well. If that is the same Fast Eddie I remember, you will have to build a roll cage for two wheels. Hope to stop in this summer.

The Franklift

Date: 14 Feb 2006


The web page is awesome. Nice to see you prospering. Have a great year. JC

Date: 15 Jan 2006


Hey Ray! It took forever for me to try and find you on the web (since you changed your name to Attitude Custom) Anyway, me and a Bro are coming out soon to check out your inventory of parts as we want to build a bike soon. I'll call you soon, OK?

L8TR Bro

Fast Eddie in Reno

Date: 3 Dec 2005


Ray & Kelly, Thank you for all the support your have given me with my racing seasons. Nice web site.

Date: 23 Nov 2005


great site.more pictures of complete bikes. more pictures of complete bikes.more pictures of complete bikes.pleeease


Date: 16 Nov 2005


thats my daddy's bike!!!

Date: 22 Oct 2005


Hi Ray & Kelly,

I really like your new web site, looks great.


Date: 28 Aug 2005


Hi Ray & Kelly,
Mike Monohan here, Just checking out your web-site. Hope things are going well for you guys. I'm down in Phoenix now at Foddrill Fabrications. I'm building a truck for the Dakar ralley. It's been quite a challenge. Jesse Rooke (Rooke Customs) Builds his bikes here in the shop. Anyway, I hope to make a trip up there sometime soon to see everyone. Take care! Mike

Date: 25 Aug 2005


My wife and I have ridden through Ely twice, last year on a long rode trip. I saw your shop and would have liked to have stopped in to check it out, but it was kind of late coming through the first time and you were closed and we were making time on the return trip. I guess we will just have to make the time to stop in next trip through. We rode hwy 50 just about all the way across Nevada, was a great ride without much traffic just the way we like it. Robert & Robin

Date: 23 Aug 2005


On receiving the consumer business review as "Custom Bike Builder" of the year 2005.
Keep up the good work!!

Date: 22 Aug 2005


Dear Ray & Kelly- I am back to NY (hot & muggy)- but alive & well. Thank you very much for the help I get from you- you are really an exeptional people!

Date: 4 Aug 2005


Saving my bacon!!!

Ray and Kelly;

I can not thank you enough for all of the help this last weekend. We hope to send more business your way. The trip was great! Thanks to you guys.

We made Panguitch, UT Sunday night taking Highway 21 out of Baker, NV. It was a beautiful ride and the next day in Bryce Canyon topped the cake. We made it to Pioche Monday night as planned and visited with my wife's grandmother. She owns the Hutchings Motel, so we got a hot shower and dried out our gear. I rolled into Reno Tuesday afternoon satisfied that the weekend was packed full of sites and new faces. Thank you again!

Scottie Baker

Call if you need anything!

Date: 18 Jul 2005


I rode through Ely in June and you hepled me with an oil leak on my fatboy. You suggested that maybe my rings were bad and needed to be replaced soon. You were right and once I had a break in Mesa Arizona, I had the top end of the bike rebuilt. Thanks for the help and advise. Next time I come through Ely, I look forward to stopping by.

Date: 28 Jun 2005


Hi Ray and Kelly. I wanted to let you know I entered my bike in a bike show in McDonough,GA last weekend. It was sponsered by Big Dog Choppers. I had to enter in the Radical Bike division because of the size of my back tire. The Custom Bike division had back tires smaller than a "230". There were 12 bikes in the Radical division and they were all beautiful. I won 1st place! I got a nice trophy out of it. Congratulations to you for building it! You guys take care. Mac

Date: 18 May 2005


Ray and Kelly, I have to thank you again for delivering my softail. The more I ride it the more I love it. I never knew what I was missing. If I ever was to loose it, it would be a void in my life. The first good ride I had this last weekend,I hit some rain, but I didn't even care, I was right where I wanted to be.....on my Attitude. Thanks again, Wade Blair

Date: 10 May 2005


Hi Ray and Kelly, looks like you're doing good! I'm here in Nevada again. Lloyd

Date: 28 Feb 2005


I don't get to ride much but did enjoy your website.

Date: 6 Feb 2005


Ray and Kellie--Just checking out your website--very cool. Hope everthing is going well for you guys...Joe Petrelli

Date: 13 Nov 2004


hi there everybody !! i just make a note here just trying that my friend MATTHEW LINDSLEY might notice me, im his friend here in the philippines and all i want now is to communicate with him in whatever way i can so please if anyone reads this message pls tell matthew that his friend reggie from manila is looking for him!! here is my email address thanks and god bless you all! its me regina paulino

Date: 5 Nov 2004


Hi Ray and Kelly! I enjoyed being in Ely for 5 days. It is a great place to visit and the people in the town are really friendly. I really enjoyed watching Ray build Tony's bike and the 2500 mile ride back to Atlanta was really interesting. My bike handled beautifully and it got a lot of attention all the way across country. Ray, you did an outstanding job on my bike and I still think that it is the best bike on your web page. You guys take care and maybe we will come back up there this next summer. Mac

Date: 16 Oct 2004


Hello Ray & Kelly! I tried to email you some photos of the Searchlight Grand Prix that Jimmy and I went to, but for some reason it keeps comming back as being undeliverable? I used the link to contact you on this site, but then when I sent the email, it came back saying undeliverable "user info at not available." Just thought I would let you know. I will give you the photos later. Take care and have a great day! Matthew Lindsley #37p

Date: 9 Oct 2004


Hey Ray and Kelly! Great site. Must try and visit again. Been years. Signed.......The Franklift.

Date: 28 Sep 2004


It is great to see such a cute little shop in the middle of nowhere. You guys are great people, it was nice to meet you.

Date: 26 Jul 2004


I finally had a chance to view your webpage. My father-in-law, Mac Mutter, from Georgia, is the guy that you built the Black Chopper for, and is on the top left of your home page. You did an outstanding job! I am in the military, stationed in Tucson, AZ. I will hopefully have time to eventually drive up to Ely, NV. I will see Mac's bike in person this year. I'm excited to see the bike, and he is extremely proud of it. Just wanted to drop a line. Thanks and keep up the great work! Staff Sergeant David Robinson USAF, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
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